How to Choose Your Air Purifier

When choosing an air purifier, you don’t want to buy the first one you see, you should do your research and look at reviews that other people posted about that product, to make sure that it would be a good fit for you. Let’s discuss some purifiers that are on the market today and compare which would be the best choice when it comes to price and efficiency.

The top three brands of air purifiers are:

Honeywell HPA 300 True HEPA Allergen Remover – This device has the most efficient rating when it comes to effectively removing dust, pollen, and smoke. This purifier can cover spaces as large as 465 square feet. It’s quiet and has speed features of low to turbo as well as timers and reminders embedded in the device that tells you when it is time to change the filter. Most purifiers are only quiet on the lowest setting where as this one is quiet on either.

Now the Conway AP-1512 HH Mighty Air Purifier, compared to the HEPA, is more expensive and doesn’t cover as many square feet as the first one. It does just about the same as the Honeywell and has similar settings but has the same noise ordinance as a standard fan when it is at its highest setting.

The last choice which is GermGuardian AC4825 is for people that are trying to save money because it is the cheapest among the three. This device doesn’t have much range of square feet but it is only needed for small spaces. It’s an Energy Star-rated purifier that is equipped with a UV-C light to detect bacteria and germs. Not only is this the cheapest purifier to buy, but it is also the cheapest to maintain.

The best site to do some comparisons on the different types of purifiers would be,

It doesn’t matter what type of purifier you choose for how much square feet of air you are trying to purify, I have come to the conclusion that air purifiers are an investment to our lives. The problem is dirty air and we need to keep the air we breathe clean, and the only way to do that is an air purifier from Home Air Guides. Once you have come to that conclusion, the rest is up to you on the type you would need and what you can afford. I believe any purifier is better than no purifier at all.